Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kevin's coquitos

My nephew, that is in Chile on his mission, was introduced to these tiny coconut-like nuts called coquitos.  Aren't they cute!  I think they would be divine dipped in chocolate!  (the  inside, that is)  Tick, tock.  This Sunday is Devin's farewell.  Our family's life will change forever...for the better of course.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Trek livin

Well no one told me I'd be crying randomly for 3 weeks after I went on the trek.  Every time I see a person that helped me pull my handcart or a person that was an "angel," I lose it.  It was so hard and so good.  It was so worth it because of the kids in my family.  They obviously wouldn't have bonded as a family so quickly if we hadn't have gone through really really hard things.  It was way harder than I could've ever thought and better too.  We had a great time, and are having our first official family reunion Friday.  We went to Toy Story 3 with our family the week after we got back.  Here's the pics.


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