Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kirtland 24th floats

We had better floats this year... and then again we had an interestingly inappropriate one. There was one done by a ward that shall remain nameless, that had a couple of kids fake "tarred and feathered" and then on the back had a girl with a cutout of a beer bottle acting like she was chugging it. The theme was trials then and now, the then is obvious and the now was the Word of Wisdom. What can I say... for real? There was a very hilarious float done by 4th ward. It was dipicting the seagulls eating the crickets. They were all dressed up like seagulls downing the crickets at picnic table along with 2 Elders with the signs "Elder Sea," and "Elder Gull" on their shirts. I loved the black pipe cleaner leg sticking out of Sister Jones' mouth and her cricket sandwich. Tooooo funny.


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