Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shannon's mission call

My niece Shannon waited a whole 24 hours to open her call until her dad could be there.  She got it on Thursday and opened it last night on Friday.  She is going to the Cleaveland,Ohio mission also serving in "The Historic Kirtland,Ohio" as a tour guide.  She is extra excited, and so are we. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Survival Laundry

My niece Mechelle asked what the heck I was talking about in a previous blog, so one term I use regularly, i will define.  I am currently working "extrcurricularly" right now at the greenhouse here in Kirtland.  During that time, my laundry especially gets  shall we say "behind."  This is when I go into "survival Laundry" mode.  Which means only the very necessary-I need them tomorrow-washing them at 9:30 pm the night before-kind of laundry.  1 pair of underwear, 1towel per person, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of  pants, and 1 shirt, 1 dish rag, 1 drying towel, 1 pot holder.  This is survival laundry.  It's kinda like your 72 hr kit but only one day ahead.    I know, your homes are dusted, washed, vacuumed, and put away, but this is where i'm at.  It's an attitude really.  It's a i don't care until someone comes to town.  Mostly my living areas are clinky clean, but the laundry goes into this mode when i work "extracuricullarly" of course.  Right now, this very minute, i am soaring out of survival laundry mode into the 72hr. mode.  I have a load of clothes in the dryer right now, with a load of towels in the washer!!!  (Can you believe there is even a hand towel and a few wash rags to boot!)  Okay that's my life and definition of that right now.  I hope to end "The Great Sock Shortage of 2010" today also.  Oh and I finally am facing facts that Devin is growing up, and have an appointment for his physical for his mission today.  A couple more hurdles in that area and they're submitted.  Going now to check on my 72 hr. laundry status.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My nephew and niece's (marc and candace) new baby Corgan

This is another great nephew that was born on March 25th.  He had some scary troubles with jaundice, but we are so glad he's home now.  This is his first bath, (Candace I hope you don't mind me swiping your super pics off your blog.)  So proud to be another Grrrrreeeeat Aunt.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kevin and Jarom

Kevin is having a lot of sucess teaching in Chile.  He emailed me the other day and told me that they had another quake the other day but it didn't build up or last very long.  He said the Chileans are used to it, but I think it's hard to handle for him since he said that. 
  My other nephew Jarom and his wife Sara had a new baby boy named Seth.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sugar Crash

No ponchos can be found in my extra womanly size in the town of Farmington.  For real. 
Well I ended up getting 80 needles that are crapedy crap for my allergies.  Well my big bag o needles wasn't such a good deal from Sam's Club was it?  So my super town trip ended up with my friend kept asking me if I was okay cauz i started having an asthma/allergy thing. (It woulda helped if i hadn't eaten a couple of things I was allergic to and i had given myself my allergy shots in the last while.)  So i bought some new antihistamine, 80 great needless needles, and had a puff of albuterol.  Maybe I shoulda stayed and moved my family up from survival laundry to 2 days prepared.  It all seemed great in theory, but as you know now, I can't handle my chocolate.

I need some snacky snacks

Who's hungry?  I am.  Devin is getting close to submitting his mission papers.  i need to quit dragging my feet and get that boy to his physical.  i gotta go teach my first discussion tonight-she cancelled last week.  Gotta look for some kind of snackedy snacks.  I'm having a random day and don't wanna do any housework,but since we're only doing survival laundy, i should do towels at least, maybe underwear.  Sorry, I'm having a mormon hangover from Easter.  Too much chocolate and now ima draggin.  gotta go scavenge and stare at the washer.    Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, just got a phone call with a better offer!  Goodbye, washer and dryer, I'm going to town.  Maybe i'll find a super cool poncho like i used to have in this pic.  Wish me luck.  I used to look like a super hero when i'd run with it flappin behind me.  Ponchos and snacks are fun.


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