Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sugar Crash

No ponchos can be found in my extra womanly size in the town of Farmington.  For real. 
Well I ended up getting 80 needles that are crapedy crap for my allergies.  Well my big bag o needles wasn't such a good deal from Sam's Club was it?  So my super town trip ended up with my friend kept asking me if I was okay cauz i started having an asthma/allergy thing. (It woulda helped if i hadn't eaten a couple of things I was allergic to and i had given myself my allergy shots in the last while.)  So i bought some new antihistamine, 80 great needless needles, and had a puff of albuterol.  Maybe I shoulda stayed and moved my family up from survival laundry to 2 days prepared.  It all seemed great in theory, but as you know now, I can't handle my chocolate.

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