Monday, April 19, 2010

Survival Laundry

My niece Mechelle asked what the heck I was talking about in a previous blog, so one term I use regularly, i will define.  I am currently working "extrcurricularly" right now at the greenhouse here in Kirtland.  During that time, my laundry especially gets  shall we say "behind."  This is when I go into "survival Laundry" mode.  Which means only the very necessary-I need them tomorrow-washing them at 9:30 pm the night before-kind of laundry.  1 pair of underwear, 1towel per person, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of  pants, and 1 shirt, 1 dish rag, 1 drying towel, 1 pot holder.  This is survival laundry.  It's kinda like your 72 hr kit but only one day ahead.    I know, your homes are dusted, washed, vacuumed, and put away, but this is where i'm at.  It's an attitude really.  It's a i don't care until someone comes to town.  Mostly my living areas are clinky clean, but the laundry goes into this mode when i work "extracuricullarly" of course.  Right now, this very minute, i am soaring out of survival laundry mode into the 72hr. mode.  I have a load of clothes in the dryer right now, with a load of towels in the washer!!!  (Can you believe there is even a hand towel and a few wash rags to boot!)  Okay that's my life and definition of that right now.  I hope to end "The Great Sock Shortage of 2010" today also.  Oh and I finally am facing facts that Devin is growing up, and have an appointment for his physical for his mission today.  A couple more hurdles in that area and they're submitted.  Going now to check on my 72 hr. laundry status.


  1. You are hilarious! Survival laundry. You are too good. When my life gets out of control like it is now (I just got released as YW president and called as a seminary teacher on the same day - no rest for the weary) I just stop doing the laundry and its each man for himself around here, boys fighting over socks, etc. Thats why I need such a large wardrobe for myself since I have nobody to share with. ;-)

  2. LOL! That explains a little of it. Although I think I understood this part. We just have too many clothes, but when we start wearing the worn out underwear, that's when we are over-due. BTW I don't think I have ever dusted, since I've lived in this house, and it's almost been a year. Sad but true.



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