Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kirtland 24th floats

We had better floats this year... and then again we had an interestingly inappropriate one. There was one done by a ward that shall remain nameless, that had a couple of kids fake "tarred and feathered" and then on the back had a girl with a cutout of a beer bottle acting like she was chugging it. The theme was trials then and now, the then is obvious and the now was the Word of Wisdom. What can I say... for real? There was a very hilarious float done by 4th ward. It was dipicting the seagulls eating the crickets. They were all dressed up like seagulls downing the crickets at picnic table along with 2 Elders with the signs "Elder Sea," and "Elder Gull" on their shirts. I loved the black pipe cleaner leg sticking out of Sister Jones' mouth and her cricket sandwich. Tooooo funny.

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  1. That is crazy! So fun. Locally our stake and ward did absolutely nothing to celebrate pioneer day, other than a few pioneer songs in sacrament meeting - kind of disappointing after seeing how it should be celebrated with you folks.
    We are really missing you guys here in San Diego at the family reunion. Dennis came all ready for some serious competition in corn hole! Miss you!



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