Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sea World was grand


  1. Tell us all about your pics--SEAWORLD? !!!
    You can type between the spaces.

  2. Lauren and I got it at the top of the splash zone at Shamu Rocks. When my better half saw it coming, he ran cowardly up the stairs claiming he was protecting the camera.

  3. Todd his dad and Devin went deepsea fishing in Sdiego. My better half and Devin puked the whole time and Todd caught a baracuda. My better half(he doesn'twant his name listed on the net)actually caught one and just as he was reeling it in, a seal jumped up out of the water and ate it. Oh well, I don't think his stomach could handle any more anyway. Devin meanwhile made a nice friend throwing up over the side of the boat. She's a mom and can't handle the ocean either.



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