Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Marc! I hope you enjoy these pics from the reception of deception.
Notice, Marc looks super happy. His interests were: food and presents.


  1. these pictures are amazing! what was wrong with him in the family picture? was he mad that someone told him the presents weren't for him, or did they take him away from the food for the picture? :)

    i can't believe how tall he was already!

  2. I was hoping you'd ask him why he looked sad. I have no idea what went on at my reception, I was only there to shake hands, collect the loot, and go.

  3. OK "Dianna" :), sorry that grandma had me sing at your reception. Its too late for your revenge :)

  4. yes Marc was tall, that's why people thought we were twins. looks like Grandma had her way with the plans of many a reception :)

  5. what a wonderful family you have. especially the young blond boy. i'll bet he grew up to be such a fine man with big muscles.



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