Monday, August 10, 2009

Devin's Eagle

Yes Devin finally got his Eagle Scout Award!!!!

Whew, thank you Fed Ex. Council received his
paperwork 3 days before his 18th birthday, but
they couldn't find it until 1 day before because
someone had put it in their vault. Then, council wouldn't
accept his application because our Ward hadn't
chartered for the year! This was a
month before his high school graduation!
His senior year was a major marathon for me, but
we all survived. I recommend this course of
procrastination to no one.


  1. they didn't accept his application because the ward hadn't chartered? So how did that get resolved?

  2. One of our leaders didn't completely fill out the charter application. So when Devin's app. didn't go through, another leader from our ward called Albq. and they said we hadn't chartered. He went to our Farmington office to see what was up and found it under a huge pile on our Scout Execs. desk. He took a new app. to be completely filled out to our ward's charter person and he waited there until he did, resubmitted charter, our stake paid our annual fee, and TICK TOCK you have 90 days to get it to national after submitting it to Albq., and it finally went through. amazingly enough.

  3. Hooray!!! Congrats on surviving and congrats to Devin for getting it all done!!!



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