Thursday, June 10, 2010

the trek

I'm not going to lie about any of this.  David, my husband, volunteered us for a trek as a ma and pa.  The experience is something I would like to have.  Can I do it?  Will I survive?  I have allergies and asthma.  I'm trying to keep calm.  It feels like when I was pregnant, and I would never try to think about the delivery until I was actually in the hospital.  it would stress me out too much to think of it.  So I'd be there in the hospital walking around, and it would all come back to me, the pain, the length of time, the terror of it. . . and I would say to myself, " I promised myself this would never happen again."  And then I'd have a beautiful baby and forget it all.  And then it would happen again.  That's how I'm feeling about this trek, except I wasn't a participant in signing up for it.  I've walked on my treadmill,walked twin hills(a steep inclined hill/mountain in my town)rode my bike, and I thought i was pretty ready until we went to our training in Delores.Colorado.  Guess what?  Huge elevation difference, less oxygen, more stuff I'm allergic to.  After the training, a lady said that she feels so much better about the trek!  After the training, me and my friend looked at each other and said, "We are more worried about it than before."  My niece the nurse said when I voiced my concerns about surviving said, "Hey, if you die then you won't have to worry about it anymore."  Thanks, that helped.  Or when I asked my brother who was a pa last time, if I would survive, he said, "Miracles happen."  The list goes on.  So much positivity.  These pics are from the last trek 4 years ago.  Kelly and Linda(bro and sis in law)Kevin, Shannon and Devin(nephewin Chile, niece goin to Ohio, and son gointo s Salt lake city)   The last pic of Devin says it all.  UUUUHHH, TAKE ME HOME AND LET ME WASH EVERYTHING!


  1. Good Luck! We are having our Trek next weekend. Alex gets to go and is so excited! I was hoping we'd be called as ma and pa because it is something I always wanted to do, but not this time I guess. You'll do great, you pioneer woman! Have fun!

  2. thank you Rachelle. I've got comments like, "someone died on our trek," or "if you die then you won't have to worry about it anymore," or when i asked if he thought i could make it, he said "miracles happen every day." Thank you Rachelle for the positive.

  3. still alive.still breathing.clean again.



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