Monday, December 13, 2010

In-law laundry

I am back to this.  In-laws coming Friday.  Gotta wash everything that might embarrass me laundry.  No whites left undone for sure.  Rugs.  Bedding in Lauren's room.  Anything I can't hide in closet.  Todd's entire room just to smell better.  All towels they gave us for Christmas last year, just to show "I too can be responsible with gifts"-they are being used and they are clean!  In-law laundry is like all has to be washed at just the right time-can't be done too early or too late-it has to be done just in time for the whole "clean" effect.  Pre-visit laundry has to be done on a daily basis-you know so you can have the bathroom rugs done right before and the bedding and towels.  No one can get the stomach flu during this crucial laundry time or the "magic" will never happen.

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