Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The lightning storm and the Rabbit

Being a mechanic's daughter means that you have witnessed the true limits of cars. This includes how far a car can go without gas. In other words, running out of gas was not unknown to me. One day, in New Mexico up on highway 550, our Volkswagen Rabbit ran out of gas. The Rabbit was of course packed with my siblings. My sister(Fauna) I think said we need to get out and push. We all exploded out of the car-as it was very small-and started pushing. The sky was very dark and it started thundering. I was probably 8 or 9. Anyway the hair on the back of my neck started standing up. So we started pushing faster and faster. The lightning followed and the thunder was so close to when we saw the lightning that you knew it was close. Rain started then, of course. Somehow we made it home...without gas. Later my mother revealed to me that any time you feel your hair stand up on you, lightning is about to strike, and you are a very likely candidate for the grounding. Oh, the fun times we had on the New Mexico roads!

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