Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kevin and the earthquake

There was an 8.0 earthquake in Chile last night/this morning. Kevin (my nephew on a mission there) is in Santiago-200 miles away from the epicenter by Concepcion. It was about 7.5 in Santiago. His misssion president's wife blogged this morning and said that all of her missionaries were safe and accounted for. The tsunami caused by the quake is heading to Hawaii. I hope all our friends there will be okay. They have no power, internet, or land line phones right now in Santiago, but I saw some twitters from MSNBC this morning from Santiago. Hopefully the aftershocks won't be too bad. He emailed me this week saying they were waiting for this earthquake-the mission president also brought them bottled water and they had to have their back packs ready with essentials. Their area was pretty new and built to earthquake code from what I could tell from the newer construction (Chile has been building to earthquake code since the 1920's.)


  1. Scary! Im so glad they were prepared for it and that Kevin is safe!



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