Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Birthday and a Funeral

My Dad turned 83 last Friday and we had a little party for him at his Assisted Living home.  He had cake and ice cream and ate other's cake and ice cream also.  He's sticking out his tongue and has his icing around his mouth.(yes I wiped it off after i took the picture.) The same day David's grandma died.  We had her funeral on Monday.  Roller coaster weekend.


  1. Crazy! Grandpa looks like hes put on some weight. Have they been able to get him to eat more? Happy Birthday Grumpa! I love you!

  2. So sorry about Davids Grandma, but she is in a better place. I really don't look forward to when my Grandparents pass on, I love them all so much. Happy Birthday Grandpa!



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