Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Potluck Laundry

New term for you,old term for me . . . . . . unfortunately.  Potluck laundry is whatever I found on our bathroom floor that day.  It elicits either a "HOOOray," or a "aaaaahh."   It's kinda like a ward potluck.  You get super excited when you see those especially great cooks walk in, or well it's the same as what you brought.  The laundry, well you see a red some kinda shirt, hoping it's THE ONE, and then it gets super exciting and ends with a hoorah, or it gets stuffed to the bottom of the basket when you discover it's Todd's iron man shirt.  POTluck laundry.  It's a mysterious thing.


  1. Tommy likes to stay up late so I make him do laundry. It works for me!



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