Monday, August 26, 2013

Me, my Dad, and Alzheimer's

I decided since my followers are few and they are all intimate family or friends, I would write about my dealings with Alzheimer's disease and how it affected me and my dad and family.  Some things may shock those who have not dealt with it closely, but I will try to keep it clean yet honest.

The accident
  My mother died while in a rollover car accident with my father.  My father lived.

A result
  My husband and I and our 3 young children move in with him to take care of him.

The Reality
  I found 167 burnt out light bulbs when we moved in on the freezer in the kitchen.  I know because he wouldn't let me throw them away til I had tried all 167 of them.  Hello Alzheimer's, how are you today?

The joy of the Home Shopping Network
  Nothing delighted my dad more than the shopping networks on TV.  The time after my mom died and when I moved in was a few months.  My siblings took care of him, but he was highly functional back then.  He had a job and could drive well.  But at night when no one was around, that is when the shopping hulapalooza started.  He went wild with the credit cards which he had never had control over before!  He proudly presented me with many of his helpful purchases when I moved in.  There was an egg guide slicer/tomato slicer, 4 power washer sets, and so on.  He was so proud of them and expected me to use them!  The tomato guide slicer was metal and reacted with the tomato and made it taste bitter.  Fun days.

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